Posted on: September 12, 2011 5:48 pm

MLB Refuses To Let Mets Wear 9/11 Caps - Why?

Major League Baseball refused to allow the Mets to wear caps honoring New York City's first responders from September 11, 2001. *Joe Torre, MLB’s executive vice president for baseball operations, told The Associated Press the decision was made to keep policy consistent throughout baseball and that “certainly, it’s not a lack of respect.”* If it's not a lack of respect, then what is it? There were three locations where events took place on that day: New York City, Washington D.C and Shanksville, PA. Therefore, if the Mets,Yankees, Nationals and Pirates wished to honor both the victims and first responders of 9/11, there should be no problem with it.

MLB made Joe Torre the face of baseball's denial of the planned tributes. Could it be due to Joe's status as a native New Yorker? Or could it be that he's both a former Met and Yankee manager? Either way, it's simply disrespectful to everyone involved. Maybe MLB should state what the real reason was, and it's not uniformity between the MLB teams. Could it be the almighty dollar? Sell the special 9/11 caps with the small flag on the side? Put nothing past some of these money hungry owners. Reminder to MLB and its owners. 9/11 was a large scale national tragedy, which local implications for four MLB teams.

Put aside the pettiness for one day, especially the tenth anniversary of the attacks. It makes MLB's hierachy look small. What do you think?


Hey Rangers fans, how do you feel about your chances now? If you can't pull away from the Angels in the next ten days, who do you think will win the A.L. West?

Speaking of races, how about those Tampa Bay Rays? Is that the sound of knees shaking in Boston? That wild card lead doesn't feel so safe, now does it Red Sox fans?

Even if the Yankees win the A.L. East, how far do they think they are going with their pitching situation? Is every pitcher after C.C. Sabathia a crapshoot? Haven't even mentioned the injuries, now have I?

*Source: CBS TV News, New York, , September 11, 2011
Posted on: August 25, 2011 1:10 am

A.L. West - Watch Out ! Here Come The Angels

As of this writng, the Texas Rangers are losing their grip on the A.L. West lead. They have just been demolished by the Boston Red Sox for the second straight game. Rangers manager Ron Washington has made statements to the effect that "I don't watch the scoreboard until mid- September." Manager Ron may want to rethink his stance. Why? No one really has to ask. That noise that you hear is not a hurricane blowing up the East Coast of the USA, it's a freight train named the Anaheim Angels. They have roared back from a seven game deficit, where a great number of observers had them giving up the chase and looking toward 2012. Mike Scioscia, Jered Weaver, Jordan Walden and company are having different thoughts. They have just finished whipping up on the Chicago White Sox (what will Ozzie Guillen have to say about that?) and have a golden opportunity to further demoralize the Rangers during their upcoming weekend series in Arlington. As I stated earlier, do the Rangers want to win the A.L. West? Their pitching has been shaky for the last week, as the Angels have gone on a six game winning streak. Pennants are not won in August, but a team can go a long way toward losing one during the dog days of 100 plus degree heat in Texas. Ron, you better start paying attention to the scoreboard. Nolan Ryan won't be happy if the division is lost after blowing a lead after all those personnel moves.


Does anyone really think the Padres' Heath Bell is going to the Giants?

Speaking of the Giants, how is the Carlos Beltran trade looking right now? He hit one out of the park! What else has he done?

Who do the Washington Nationals think they are? Blowing off Prince Fielder before free agency starts? Yeah, he had every intention of playing in the nation's capital.... 
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The A.L. West - Do The Rangers Want To Win ?

The A.L. West has pretty much been narrowed to a two team race. The Athletics and Mariners are playing out the string, looking toward the 2012 season. The Angels are hanging in there, due to the Rangers attempt at charity. It's time for manager Ron Washington to pull the plug, and replace closer Neftali Feliz. Texas cannot continue to wait for the 2010, 40 save version of Feliz to appear in 2011. It's not just the 6 blown saves, but it seems that Feliz looks lost on the mound. If he throws a ball outside of the strike zone, you can see his attitude change before your eyes, and not for the better. It is time for Washington to permanently insert recently acquired Mike Adams into the role, and allow Feliz to collect his thoughts in a setup role. Closing in the major leagues is not an easy job, for there are only 30 men in the world who have been assigned to this task. If a closer's effectiveness has diminshed before everyone's eyes in Arlington, then now is the time to make the move. A manager is responsilble for keeping 25 personalities and egos meshing as a team, but the closer is adding gasoline to the fire, as opposed to water, it's time for a change. This shouid be about the 25 players, not the stumbling closer. If not, the Angels will continue to accept the charity given to them by the Rangers, surpass them, and go to the playoffs. If anyone has taken a look at the Yankees and Red Sox, the A.L. East winner and the A.L. wild card winner will be those two teams, as they are so far ahead of everyone else in the American League.


What in the world was Tony Bruno thinking when he called San Francisco's Ramon Ramirez an "illegal alien"? It was not the best move in baseball history to plunk Philadelphia's Shane Victorino, but Bruno could have come up with something less controversial. How about "knucklehead"?

Red Sox - Yankees. Heading into the latter part of the season, does it get any better than that? 

How many people are going to jump off the Pittsburgh Pirates bandwagon, now that they are losing ground in the N.L. Central Division ?
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